Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails [WITH_TEETH] Lyrics Artwork Credits created by Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan
Send me your questions and I will post them here.
Q: Why did international insurance rates go up?
A: If you want to insure an international shipment, the post office forces you to ship via Parcel Post. On average, this is about $7.00 more expensive for shipping than Air Letter. Instead of having two different shipping rates (one for insured packages, and one for non-insured packages) the cost is just included in the increased insurance rate.
Q: Alright dude. What is going on with international shipping rates? Up, down, what gives?
A: Tell me about it. Here's the scoop. Before I shipped any orders out, I called USPS asking about Global Priority service. I specifically asked if you could ship US Priority boxes via Global Priority and if there were any size limitations. To make a long story short, when I went to ship my first batch of international posters, I discovered that what I was told on the phone was wrong. The next cheapest option for almost all countries is 1st Class Airmail.
So I went back, updated shipping prices with 1st Class Airmail Parcel Post prices. Then, when I went to ship those same packages out again the lady behind the desk told me that as long as the posters were less than 4 lbs and for personal use I could send using via 1st Class Airmail Letter rates.
In English? The international shipping rates are back down and should not change again! If you already sent payment at a more expensive rate, contact me and let me know. We'll get things straightened out.
Q: How come you only show shipping rates to the United States and Canada?
A: Other international shipping rates have been added. If you don't see your country listed, let me know.
Q: Why did the order dates get pushed back from 5/23 to 5/27?
A: I was involved in a motorcycle accident over the weekend and broke my collarbone. This has delayed the website ordering by a couple of days. In any case, ordering is now live.
Q: Where are those pictures you promised?
A: They're on my computer. This broken collarbone has set me back more than I anticipated. I'm devoting all my energy to shipping out existing orders. Once I get caught up with that I'll add the pictures to the site.
Q: I placed my order. Now what?
First, thank you! Second, You should receive an email the evening after I ship out your poster letting you know your poster is in the mail. It will also include a tracking number if applicable.
Q: I'm not paying via PayPal, but I want to be sure I get a poster. What can I do?
A: No problem. Just email me with all your order information before you send payment. I'll hold a poster for you so you are guaranteed to get one.

DISCLAIMER: The electronic poster discussed on this site was designed and created by Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan. They, along with Interscope Records, hold all copyrights associated with the lyrics and artwork that make up the poster. I am not in any way associated with Nine Inch Nails or Interscope Records. I am just a fan of their music. The print run discussed on this site is being done solely by myself as a service to 500 Nine Inch Nails fans, to offset the cost of having the .pdf file printed in a professional manner.