Nine Inch Nails
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 ---> Nine Inch Nails [WITH_TEETH] Lyrics Artwork Credits created by Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan
Ladies and Gents, my apologies, but I have sold through all of the posters. This page is being kept here for archival purposes only.
Poster sales have been moved to eBay to better manage inventory now that there are less than 50 posters left. To find the latest auction, go to eBay, and search on nine inch nails lyrics poster. This link should work also.
My eBay userid is funkeman and I always use the border around my listing in the search results.
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DISCLAIMER: The electronic poster discussed on this site was designed and created by Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan. They, along with Interscope Records, hold all copyrights associated with the lyrics and artwork that make up the poster. I am not in any way associated with Nine Inch Nails or Interscope Records. I am just a fan of their music. The print run discussed on this site is being done solely by myself as a service to 500 Nine Inch Nails fans, to offset the cost of having the .pdf file printed in a professional manner.